Our Philosophy You'll find comfort in knowing that our products don't contain any chemicals that can be harmful to your hair, skin, or body in any way.

"My two inspirations are my children, so that I can leave a legacy for them, and my wife. She is allergic to berries and citrus, so we decided we wanted to make products that would be helpful for her. Long story short, we went from making gift baskets with other black business owners' products, to making our own products with NO fragrances or chemicals. We are still learning and growing as a team, and as a business, but for the most part, if my wife is allergic to it, it will not be on our site. We find joy and inspiration in helping people feeling loved and happy in our own way. Positive energy to us is key to family and success. Family owned and operated businesses is the key for our culture and community to thrive."

-Damion Owens, Co-Owner
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